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upgrade your property with the fastest .Most Reliable charging station

Provide DC fast charging station for automotive ,medium and heavy duty appilication at your property.scalable charging solution are designed to fit your need are designed to fit your need  and grow with charging demend.


Mobile DC charger

Provide DC fast charging  with a potform and without the need for a dedicated installation site

1.Powred by 400kwv power cable

2.Upto 50kw of power per port

3.ccs1 connector  type

Integrated Power Station

In all in one DC fast charging . save space with combined Power cobinet and power combinet and power combinet in a reduce  footprint 

1.Uo to 400kwm of power charging 

2.single and Double cabinet

3.Maximum of  power charge port with additional power station

Power station & cabinet

Remote power ststion are connected to our modulear power cobinet for fully scalable installation so you can add station with your avalable power supply.

1.up to 280kw power of per port

2.scalable cabinet up to 600kw 400v &800v ev 

Elektropath Network

Seamlessly integrate with the EvoCharge network cloud-based software solution. Designed with the owner in mind, you get real-time metrics and monitoring to improve uptime and reliability.